New and Improved Forum!

We’ve created a new and improved forum that will make it easier to post, vote, catch up on meeting topics, and engage with other members.

Catch up on the latest, make your voice heard, and weigh in on upcoming social and community building events.

Click here to visit the site. If you haven’t registered yet, click here.

One thought on “New and Improved Forum!”

  1. Please do sign up for and visit the forum!

    It is our intended platform for the kind of open, online discussion that we are hoping will be one of the hallmarks of this organization.

    While major announcements and news are posted on this .org site, the “meat” of the conversation will ideally be happening on the Forum.

    We are making a concerted effort to broach many topics of discussion on the Forum in advance of our next public meeting on August 20. Please do join up and join in!

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