New Candidates Step Forward

In preparation for EFF elections, we’ve added the statements of purpose from the three applicants who’ve submitted their names for candidacy. (Click names for more info)

Felicite Moorman
I believe East Falls Forward is relevant to the community’s future vision for East Falls and relevant to a collaborative effort to execute on that vision.  I believe there are disenfranchised voices in our community and a tremendous amount of time and effort have been expended to create EFF and guarantee those voices are heard. My goal is to embrace every voice in our community and encourage those collaborative efforts towards execution of that vision.

Based on the meetings of EFF to date, and prior to additional community input, my priorities in assisting organizing community volunteers and participants towards execution follow:

Events & Beautification Committee
Create Committee
Determine Event Strategy (Where are our efforts best spent? Block Party? 5k?)
Determine Beautification Strategy (Community Clean-ups? Sponsored Clean-up Cart?)

Target Marketing & Welcoming Committee
Create Committee
Determine Marketing Strategy (First Pass/Rough Draft Strategy Available for Review)
Determine Welcoming Strategy (For Families and For Businesses)

Zoning Committee
Create Committee
Determine Strategy
Proactive Goals & Targets from Marketing Committee
Reactionary Requirements from Ongoing Growth

My intent is to include all current community organizations, East Falls Business Association, East Falls Development Corporation, and East Falls Community Council, to make sure that all resources are being utilized to the best of each organization’s ability without superfluous measures. My family and businesses are committed to our community and will continue to invest here efficiently and effectively, but we’d love to widen that circle.

Let’s move East Falls Forward!

Vice Chair
Ryan Buchert
I’ve been a business owner and resident of East Falls since 2013. While that may be a relatively short period of time, given the longevity of others in this community, I’ve done a lot with that time.

I have experience with the community organizations of East Falls. I work closely within the East Falls Business Association to assess the needs of our community’s businesses and make recommendations as to those needs, as well as providing meeting space when needed.  I work with the East Falls Development Corporation to understand the needs for promoting East Falls and bringing about the positive change in our community within EFDC’s purview.

I’ve participated directly in and am the beneficiary of anecdotal accounts of East Falls Community Council and combined with the efforts of the original Founders of East Falls Forward believe that the work of EFF is not yet complete, and that the organization can stand as a bridge between these sometimes disparate organizations.

As both a business owner and a resident, I believe I can effectively liaise between these organizations to bring our community closer together to more effectively create the change we know is coming, and in ways we’d like to help it occur.

I’ve worked with Felicite Moorman both in business and on projects about which we are passionate, and believe we assist the East Falls community in bringing our dreams to fruition.

Steve Fillmore
I have a keen interest in making sure that all topics of discussion, votes, and motions are properly documented to ensure the credibility of East Falls Forward and to maintain the transparency that is a core tenet of the organization’s mission.

I believe a public record of EFF proceedings not only informs community members and inspires trust, it also generates interest among those who cannot attend meetings in person, thereby expanding community engagement — another goal of EFF.

I’d like to further that engagement as Secretary by employing social media, particularly Facebook, Everyblock, and Nextdoor. These avenues have been underutilized by EFF to this point — a steady stream of information through social media channels would inform the community, invite feedback, and instill confidence that progress is being made.

In a sense, I have been serving as a recordkeeper of EFF meetings through my coverage of past meetings for East Falls Local.  As Secretary, the tone of my reporting will necessarily be drier and more objective, but the same attention to detail I’ve exercised as a reporter will enable me to faithfully perform the duties of the office.