Minding our business! An open letter from our Chair

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Re: Open Letter to Makers, Innovators, Developers, Builders, and Business Owners.
To Whom It May Concern:
You may not yet have heard our new East Falls motto. That’s a shame, because it’s meant for you. “East Falls is Open!” –For living, dining, education -­‐and business!
In order to make sure that you are warmly shepherded through the process of making your dreams come true with East Falls, we invite you to meet us, March 24th on Thursday evening at 6:30pm.

 Here’s who you’ll find: A demographic of diverse, dedicated, positive, motivated volunteer residents eager to support more “micro-­local” initiatives and businesses to keep our residents here and happy.
We are looking specifically to improve our Riverfront Business District, centered at Ridge and Midvale Avenue, making it walk-­‐worthy, cleaner, and safer. In order to do so, we are supporting businesses, developers, and builders who recognize and commit to our community vision. We are organizing cleanups, outreach, and events around that support.
We are actively reaching out to, or working with, multiple developers that we anticipate will bring hundreds of new commercial residential units to Ridge Avenue in multi-­‐use spaces with first floor commercial/retail use. This is the prime time to leverage this new residential community for business.
East Falls is not just Open! We’re ready!
Felicite Moorman, Esq. Felicite@EastFallsForward.com Chair
3721 Midvale Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19129


PS Find out how Felicite is putting her money where her mouth is by opening the Little Red Cafe on Midvale.