Special Exception Vote: KenCrest Group Home (3132 Midvale Avenue)

KenCrest at Midvale & McMichael seeks to create a transitional care home for six ventilated/intubated children in their facility by the park (currently providing daycare for disabled adults).

To do so, they’ll need a special exception. (Philadelphia zoning allows “special exceptions” for certain uses that are not quite permitted by-right but are allowed on a conditional basis.)

At January’s zoning meeting, about 20 near neighbors demanded that EFCC’s zoning committee vote against KenCrest at a ZBA hearing February 21stand now vow to fight thru the court system, if necessary. (Re the ZBA meeting date, it may be postponed. KenCrest plans to ask the ZBA for a special session to give full attention to this issue.)

East Falls Forward held its own separate meeting on Thursday January 18 with KenCrest’s lawyer, Bill Kerr and several staff members presenting to a thoughtful, engaged group. For a quick recap (including video) and some more context around this contentious issue, check out this East Falls Local article.

Please take a moment to express your position on this very important community issue. Also, comments both for and against are encouraged — our Secretary, Steve Fillmore, will read them into the record at the special ZBA meeting (date TBD)

Resulting Vote is:

2 thoughts on “Special Exception Vote: KenCrest Group Home (3132 Midvale Avenue)”

  1. I oppose KenCrest’s intension to use this property as a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day hospital operation. The property is too small and unable to support the amount of parking, deliveries and related services that will be required to maintain this operation. This is a residential neighborhood with no commercial business within blocks.

    1. Thanks for weighing in Harry! We love neighborhood feedback on both sides of this issue! A bit of clarification re the KenCrest site.

      For this residential area (RSA-1), “Group Homes for Adults” are allowed by special exception. Looks like hospitals, too, are on that list — you can find that in the ZBA’s Quick Reference Guide (link below) Weird, right? Anyway, what’s not on the list specifically, is “Group Home for Children.”


      So KenCrest feels the ZBA will understand this oversight and accommodate it easily. Not sure though what near neighbors hope to gain by arguing that KenCrest’s transitional care home is really a hospital. Couldn’t KenCrest just apply for a special exception as a hospital, then? Which seems to me a much broader & slipperier slope than a group home for six kids.

      Not an expert here, just wondering. In any event, thought you’d like to know that for special exceptions the burden of proof is on the objectors. Concerned neighbors will need to present proof that KenCrest’s proposal will cause a real, predictable detriment to public welfare. (see article link below)


      Thanks again for your input. BTW, are you a member of EFF? I don’t see your name on our membership list or in the tally of votes on this issue. If you’re not a member, I’d encourage you to subscribe here (http://eastfallsforward.org/join-east-falls-forward/) so you can weigh in on future voting! BTW, it’s free and only requires your email to join. And we promise — no spam!

      Hope you can make it to the ZBA meeting! Steve Fillmore, Secretary

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