Special Exception Vote: KenCrest Group Home (3132 Midvale Avenue)

KenCrest at Midvale & McMichael seeks to create a transitional care home for six ventilated/intubated children in their facility by the park (currently providing daycare for disabled adults).

To do so, they’ll need a special exception. (Philadelphia zoning allows “special exceptions” for certain uses that are not quite permitted by-right but are allowed on a conditional basis.)

At January’s zoning meeting, about 20 near neighbors demanded that EFCC’s zoning committee vote against KenCrest at a ZBA hearing February 21stand now vow to fight thru the court system, if necessary. (Re the ZBA meeting date, it may be postponed. KenCrest plans to ask the ZBA for a special session to give full attention to this issue.)

East Falls Forward held its own separate meeting on Thursday January 18 with KenCrest’s lawyer, Bill Kerr and several staff members presenting to a thoughtful, engaged group. For a quick recap (including video) and some more context around this contentious issue, check out this East Falls Local article.

Please take a moment to express your position on this very important community issue. Also, comments both for and against are encouraged — our Secretary, Steve Fillmore, will read them into the record at the special ZBA meeting (date TBD)

Resulting Vote is:

Traffic and Parking Survey

East Falls Forward would like to take a look at our neighborhood’s traffic and parking needs, habits, and expectations — plus, provide Fallsers an opportunity to express their opinions on Henry Avenue, speed bumps, bike lanes, permit parking, and more.

We’ve put together an informal survey, where neighbors can chime in anonymously online. Results will be posted here & shared with PennDOT and EFCC’s Traffic Committee. Thanks for taking the time to help make East Falls awesome for all of us. Survey begins below —  Continue reading “Traffic and Parking Survey”

Minding our business! An open letter from our Chair

 EF Collage.Seasons
Re: Open Letter to Makers, Innovators, Developers, Builders, and Business Owners.
To Whom It May Concern:
You may not yet have heard our new East Falls motto. That’s a shame, because it’s meant for you. “East Falls is Open!” –For living, dining, education -­‐and business!
In order to make sure that you are warmly shepherded through the process of making your dreams come true with East Falls, we invite you to meet us, March 24th on Thursday evening at 6:30pm.

Continue reading “Minding our business! An open letter from our Chair”

Next meeting: Thursday March 24

Learn more about proposed zoning changes and make your voice heard at the next EFF meeting:

Thursday 3/24/16 6:30pm (this is a fourth Thursday and not our usual third Thursday because we don’t want to compete with St. Patrick, did we?!)

We’ll have beverages and snacks — feel free to sign-up on Slack or email Felicite to bring either.

**Invite your friends**  (they’ll love us!)

Continue reading “Next meeting: Thursday March 24”

New Candidates Step Forward

In preparation for EFF elections, we’ve added the statements of purpose from the three applicants who’ve submitted their names for candidacy. (Click names for more info)

Felicite Moorman
I believe East Falls Forward is relevant to the community’s future vision for East Falls and relevant to a collaborative effort to execute on that vision.  I believe there are disenfranchised voices in our community and a tremendous amount of time and effort have been expended to create EFF and guarantee those voices are heard. My goal is to embrace every voice in our community and encourage those collaborative efforts towards execution of that vision.

Based on the meetings of EFF to date, and prior to additional community input, my priorities in assisting organizing community volunteers and participants towards execution follow: Continue reading “New Candidates Step Forward”

Position on East Falls Development

We understand there are questions circulating about East Falls Forward’s position on key development issues in East Falls. 
So, what is East Falls Forward’s position on Ridge Flats? Apartments on Scotts Lane? EPPI?
The answer is: We don’t have one yet!
We want YOU to help us form our position!
The intent of this group is to represent the collective voice of the neighborhood, and as the current faces of East Falls Forward, the current executive officers can stress only our general desire to make it a better neighborhood until the community itself has a chance to weigh in on specific issues. When the neighborhood speaks, THAT will be East Falls Forward’s position.
So please continue to join us online in our forum for discussion, and at our next public meeting on Thursday, August 20th as we work together to develop our collective voice on neighborhood development!


EFF Executive Committee

Message from the Executive Committee

Hello East Falls:

Thank you for attending the first general membership meeting for East Falls Forward! Welcome to everyone!  We are very excited to get things moving!

First, please visit the “By Laws” page to review the revised bylaws, which have been amended to include the changes discussed during the meeting (revised Executive Board term — Article 8, Section 1 — and By-Law review within 6 months — Article 10, Section 1).  Please feel free to chime in with additional comments.

As we mentioned, this organization will be evolving and we welcome everyone’s voice.  We hope to maintain positive energy and use our collective momentum to bring positive changes to our neighborhood.  Thanks again for your confidence in us as your initial executive committee, and we look forward to working with all of you.



EFF Executive Committee