4442 Ridge Ave Vote

Letter to Civic Board

Do we send the following letter to the Civic Board:

96% (26 votes): Yes, I vote this letter be sent.
– 4% (1 vote): 

Suggestions are all around follow on actions we plan on taking as an RCO

We are pleased to share the results of the Philadelphia RCO (registered community organization) East Falls Forward’s vote and recommendation regarding 4442 Ridge Avenue. East Falls Forward, in a straight democratic vote of membership, voted as referenced above to acknowledge How Properties commitment to working with the community and garnering and adhering to feedback, including a meeting with and presentation to RCO East Falls Forward membership.

We are hopeful that the evolution of the design of the building will continue with additional feedback, and expect that How Properties will continue its good faith efforts to rally support through consistent and transparent communication with the East Falls RCOs Membership.

Thank you for your consideration and service.


Civic Design Review Board Application Link

May 2016 Voting Results

Do you approve of Zoning Appeal #27634 for 4300 Ridge Ave, otherwise known temporarily as Ridge Flats?

98% (49 votes): Yes, I approve the request for variances.

– 2% (1 vote): No, I do not approve the request for variances.

Call To Action!

Say it loud and say it proud!

In order to be effective, it will require our Councilman, to whom we make recommendations as a community, to take our voices seriously and act on those recommendations. To that end, below is a link to which I’m requesting you consider emailing the following (or something you prefer):


Dear Councilman Jones,
 I am a member of the Registered Community Organization East Falls Forward in your District. We are eager and excited to move our community FORWARD, beyond the challenges for which our community has become known.
 We're growing our membership rapidly, and vote on issues democratically.
 We ask that you act in accordance with our votes and welcome you to our next meeting, April 21st, 2016 at 6:30 at BuLogics on Midvale.
 Thank you,

March 2016 Voting Results

1. Proposal to rezone St. Bridget’s to CMX-3 (currently RSA-5)
60% / 29 votes: Do NOT rezone St. Bridget’s. Keep RSA-5.
– 40% / 19 votes: Do rezone St. Bridget’s to CMX-3.

2. Proposal to rezone the undeveloped PHA/Pennrose property on Ridge to CMX-3 (currently RM-2)
83% / 40 votes: Do rezone the undeveloped PHA/Pennrose property on Ridge to CMX-3.
– 17: / 8 votes: Do NOT rezone the undeveloped PHA/Pennrose property on Ridge to CMX-3. Keep RM-2.

3. Proposal to rezone to 4142-52 Ridge to RM-1 (currently CMX-2.5)
77% / 37 votes: Do NOT rezone to 4142-52 Ridge to RM-1. Keep CMX-2.5.
– 23% / 11 votes: Do rezone to 4142-52 Ridge to RM-1.

94% / 45 votes: Approve Philadelphia University’s Institutional Plan.
– 6% / 3 votes: Do NOT approve Philadelphia University’s Institutional Plan.

Minding our business! An open letter from our Chair

 EF Collage.Seasons
Re: Open Letter to Makers, Innovators, Developers, Builders, and Business Owners.
To Whom It May Concern:
You may not yet have heard our new East Falls motto. That’s a shame, because it’s meant for you. “East Falls is Open!” –For living, dining, education -­‐and business!
In order to make sure that you are warmly shepherded through the process of making your dreams come true with East Falls, we invite you to meet us, March 24th on Thursday evening at 6:30pm.

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Next meeting: Thursday March 24

Learn more about proposed zoning changes and make your voice heard at the next EFF meeting:

Thursday 3/24/16 6:30pm (this is a fourth Thursday and not our usual third Thursday because we don’t want to compete with St. Patrick, did we?!)

We’ll have beverages and snacks — feel free to sign-up on Slack or email Felicite to bring either.

**Invite your friends**  (they’ll love us!)

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New Member Raffle and Community Mixer

Membership is free and all new members
are automatically entered in a drawing to

Thursday February 18th from 6-8pm
Come & Go Casual

The Theatre at East Falls
3721 Midvale Ave
(home of BuLogics & StratIS)

Just fill out the membership application below

Fill out my online form.

New Candidates Step Forward

In preparation for EFF elections, we’ve added the statements of purpose from the three applicants who’ve submitted their names for candidacy. (Click names for more info)

Felicite Moorman
I believe East Falls Forward is relevant to the community’s future vision for East Falls and relevant to a collaborative effort to execute on that vision.  I believe there are disenfranchised voices in our community and a tremendous amount of time and effort have been expended to create EFF and guarantee those voices are heard. My goal is to embrace every voice in our community and encourage those collaborative efforts towards execution of that vision.

Based on the meetings of EFF to date, and prior to additional community input, my priorities in assisting organizing community volunteers and participants towards execution follow: Continue reading “New Candidates Step Forward”

December 17th Meeting

at BuLogics at 3721 Midvale Ave.
DECEMBER 17th, 2015 6:30 PM

We are planning our next meeting for the (regularly scheduled) third Thursday of the month — Thursday, December 17.  Location and time will be the same — 6:30 pm at Bulogics’ office.

The agenda will focus on elections process and nominations for those elections will be opened.  As stated originally, Angela, Silje, and Juliette will be stepping down and look forward to seeing a new chair, vice-chair, and secretary come forward to lead the charge for East Falls Forward in 2016.

Please spread the word!

Next Meeting – October 21st

IMPORTANT: There will be an important East Falls Community Council Zoning Meeting on October 21st at Downs Hall at Philadelphia University. Because this is meeting is so close to the previously scheduled East Falls Forward meeting, we are canceling the October 15th EFF meeting and asking all EFF members to attend the October 21st EFCC zoning meeting.

This is due to the significant change to the development proposed at the Rivage site (4300 Ridge Avenue). Onion Flats is no longer the developer and Grasso Holdings will be presenting completely new development plans for this site.

It is important for EFF members to be informed about this site’s progress and be present at all public meetings concerning this development. Please attend and spread the word.

Where and When: Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 7pm in Downs Hall on the campus of Philadelphia University. Downs Hall is off School House Lane just across the street from the Philadelphia University apartments that are next to Penn Charter.